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T-Shirt preference is something that is very personal and unique to each individual customer. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a t-shirt for embroidery. For example a builder or electrician is probably going to want a completely different t-shirt to a personal trainer.

I recommend starting with who your t-shirts are for and what your budget is. For a company or business looking to get embroidered staff uniforms then pricing may be the most important factor as the t-shirts will not be sold to make any additional profit. However, it is worth considering how long a cheaper t-shirt might last compared to a higher quality one. Whilst I can’t guarantee that a premium embroidered t-shirt will last any longer than a lower quality embroidered t-shirt they are manufactured to a higher standard. This can include things like a higher quality cotton, being less prone to shrinking or fading and more durable stitching on hems and collars.

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When yourself or employees are wearing their embroidered uniforms they essentially become a walking advertisement for your business, therefore you might want the embroidery to display your business details in the best way possible. Embroidering on higher quality garments will always look better than embroidering on to lower quality garments. This is because of the smoothness of the t-shirt surface, the less rough the texture is the better the embroidery will apply.

I always encourage customers to use 100% organic cotton t-shirts for embroidery where possible. The t-shirts I recommend are perfect for embroidery, have a high quality construction and wash and last well. They are also very comfortable to wear and look good.

When working with me for your embroidered t-shirts I generally start off by asking what your budget is and what they will be worn for. This is not because I want to make as much money off your order as possible but because I want to make sure I sell you the most suitable t-shirt for your requirements. If you are a builder I am going to recommend you a heavier weight t-shirt that is less likely to snag on tools or materials, if you work in a hot environment like a kitchen or restaurant then I would suggest a lighter weight garment.

If you would like to discuss your requirements further or receive some suggestions please contact me and I will be happy to help.

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